Who is Stefan Kuntz?



Stefan Kuntz is a storyteller, who performs as well in English.

I am telling my own stories, either improvised in the round according to the wishes of one of my listeners, who is sitting like a king in the cosy armchair: "Lend me your ears, I've come to tell you a story". This is a programme I am doing since 1980, which I have done in English on festivals in Wimborne, England, in Tasmania, in Ghana and in Cairo. (You can read more about this programme here)ohr

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And I am telling my own fixed stories ("Stories, nothing but stories") and worked on at the desk) about all the troubles and phantasies connected to our every-day-life. Some of them can be operformed in English such as

"Arranged" about three bakers on the dole trying the impossible,

"In bed" about a couple searching for the lost desire,

"Cold", about a woman, who suffers from cold and gets a hot-blooded knight to heat her up a little,

"The Key" (you can read the beginning of the story here),

"Madame Poseidon" about a fishmongers wife going to the sea to work as the ships band and

"The Stranger", about a mother and her son, who don't know what the day comes up with.

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My newest production is a story about my mothers during the NAZI-time ("Dance, till the sparkles fly"), how they got involved in the NAZI-system, how they got out but not completely. More in German here.


Jörg Baesecke and me are preparing a meeting of storytellers to discuss and exchange experiences concerning

Politics and modern history in storytelling (history telling)



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